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Kate, Elea, Walker 

Alias/nickname: Katy

Address: Alta Vista St., Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Profession: photographer freelance

Actual employer: various news papers

Personal information: 

Birth date: June 21

Nationality: U.S. citizen

Hair color: red

Eyes color: aquamarine blue

Particularity: none

Pet: none
Hobby: photos and Travel 

Marital status: Single. 

Family relation: Pierre Fox’ Niece, Lilly Chevalier-Fox’ cousin 

Character: friendly, joyful, hyper-active. 

Fashion preferences: Comfortable, pants and jacket in natural textiles, discreet classic for evening 
Favorite colors: earth tones and natural colors in general. 


Original doll: Tyler Wentworth, “The Papillon”, Tonner Cie. 

Comments: Repainted face and hair cut by myself.